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Thank you for using the leadership competency indicator tool. The purpose of the four questionnaires is to raise your awareness of those competencies and behaviours that reduce or alleviate stress in staff, and how you match to them. Being effective against them will improve the wellbeing and performance of the staff you lead.

Having taken your questionnaire and received your score, you may be considering what action to take.

Printing or saving the answers to each question will allow you to focus on those areas you feel are most important for you to develop as a leader.

Effective – Questions scoring 5: These are strengths and where you are effective in reducing stress in staff and encouraging and motivating them towards high performance. Consider how you can continue to use these competencies to be even more effective and to help achieve the things you want. It is important to look at your strengths and not just focus on areas for development.

Aware – Questions scoring 4: Reflect on what you would need to do to make these scores a 5. This may be to ensure you do them consistently or there may be a specific area that you want to improve. It will be easier to build these to become real strengths, than to tackle areas for development.

Development Need – Questions scoring 3 or below: If you have scores of 3 or below in questions covering more than one competency, choose to focus on only one. Which do you think will have the biggest benefit for you and your team members?

There are areas you can develop for each competency, and you can do this yourself or we can support you with training, development and coaching.

The four links below will help you to identify specific skills you may want to develop. Each covers one of the areas and three competencies. Click on any you want to review or work on.


Competencies: Integrity, Managing emotions, Considerate approach


Competencies: Proactive work management, Problem solving, Participative/empowering


Area 3: Managing the individual within the team

Competencies: Personally accessible, Sociable, Empathetic engagement


Area 4: Reasoning/Managing difficult situations

Competencies: Managing conflict, Use of school and external resources, Taking responsibility for resolving issues

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