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Not getting the support from DENI and worried by the growing demands being placed on staff, together with budget cuts, was the catalyst for action and to form a collaborative approach where schools would support each other.

A small group of partner schools formed, each investing £1000 to help get the project off the ground. Initial sessions have been run and feedback has been very positive. It also became clear that even greater benefit would be gained through the economies of scale from having a much larger cohort of schools involved.

The increased initial funding would allow a much greater level of support for each school and even specific in-school support. It would also be more likely to grab the attention of influencers in DENI and help us achieve our goal of getting both noticed and central funding to be able to plan for a long-term approach to supporting wellbeing in schools across Northern Ireland.

We would love you to join us and help to make this a reality. We realise the initial funding is still a barrier for many schools in the current environment, but the value you will receive will be worth far more, and we need this to ensure the programme we have started is sustainable and brings long-term benefits. It cannot be a sticking plaster or the next fad.

To find out more please contact Dr Michelle Rainey or Mark Solomons and help us to make the Northern Ireland Wellbeing Academy a force for change.


Dr Michelle Rainey, Principal, Ballyclare High School
Mark Solomons, Managing Partner, Developing Potential











Michelle can be contacted at mrainey003@ballyclarehigh.ballyclare.ni.sch.uk

Mark can be contacted at marksolomons@developingpotential.co.uk

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