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How to think about wellbeing?

Below you can see a diagram of our ‘House of Organisational Wellbeing’. If you are like many school leaders (or individuals), when you start to think about wellbeing, you probably think of providing support in the way of giving something for free, providing training, counselling, or improving fitness or employee health.

For example you might arrange for some resilience or mindfulness training, provide some healthy food,  or organise a staff get together. There is nothing wrong with any of these, but it isn’t the place to start and is unlikely to make any substantial difference if you don’t build firm foundations first.

This is where people are putting on the roof, rearranging the loft, or kitting out the middle floor, but haven’t dug the foundations properly. As a result, as they add things, they do not sustain or provide benefits. In fact the level of wellbeing is likely to be at a position where it will fall.

Our approach looks at your foundations and making sure that wellbeing is part of your culture and everyday behaviours and actions.

Take a look at the house and think about what you do in your school.


Start with the foundations – it’s all about wellbeing being part of the culture.  That means how leaders behave and treat others, the working hours, the one to one time people are given, the control they have over what they do and how they do it, the way performance data is collected and used and the systems of support, such as performance management and appraisals.

(Coming soon You will be able to use our drag and drop tool to see how your foundations measure up).


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