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Welcome to our Academy. Below you can get a taste of our approach through some free resources that you can use with your staff and students to improve wellbeing. We hope you find them of value.

A Quick Guide to Wellbeing for Northern Ireland Schools »

This looks at what wellbeing is, the evidence for why you should focus on it, how to measure it, and initial steps for taking action.


You can take the HSENI wellbeing questionnaire here »

This has been adapted for individual use to give you an experience of the 35 questions that are asked. You can also add some additional questions to meet any specific school needs, for example if you have a dual site, have undergone other changes, or simply want to find out more detailed information. These also often include questions about training and career opportunities and activities that support staff wellbeing.

The questionnaire results are benchmarked against 136 organisations across both the public and private sector, and together with school data, they provide real insights into where the school might focus its attention and limited resources to improve wellbeing.


Staff resource samples

Download a snippet from our resilience essentials guide here »

Download a snippet from our personal chat cards here »


Student resource samples

Download 3 lesson plans from our student resources – resilience, coaching and growth mindset. These are part of a full curriculum recommended by the PSHE association in England and used by over 150 schools, including many that are high performing.

Download – What is resilience? »

Download – Growth Mindset »

Download – Awareness and Responsibility »


There are a wide range of other resources available for partner schools, as well as training and do feel free to get in touch with any questions or if you need help in solving any of your wellbeing challenges.

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