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Wellbeing Accelerator

Is wellbeing important to you? Do you believe the research and evidence that shows improved wellbeing has a direct impact on performance?

If so then you are in the right place. However, if you are also like many other school leaders and teachers in Northern Ireland, you may struggle to find the time to focus on this important area and the only one that can break the cycle and practices of high workload and long hours.

By collaborating and sharing what works, we will accelerate change and further reduce the workload falling on individuals schools.

Together we really can make the difference and if you take the time to look around the site you will find details of our approach and how we intend to scale and put wellbeing at the centre of driving academic and all round development and performance.

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Nuts, Bolts & Resources

Our approach is a little different! While most people only talk about things such as resilience and mindfulness training, or other similar support that only tackle symptoms, we’re actually working on the causes and the core things that make the real difference for long-term wellbeing and school performance.

While we will cover these other added value items, our focus is on helping you put the right foundations in place first. It’s like building a house. There is no point rummaging around in the loft, or decorating and laying out the middle floor, if the house doesn’t have strong and firm foundations. Building these are the nuts and bolts of our approach – you can see more about this here »

We provide a range of training, support and resources to our partner schools, to accelerate their journey to improving staff wellbeing and whole school performance. Partner schools can access their password protected resources here »

Not yet a member? We still want to help and encourage you to get involved. We care about the wellbeing of all staff across Northern Ireland and want to help you make a difference. Free resources for all schools can be accessed here »

Training & Events

There will be regular training and events for partner schools as well as access to resources and materials. These will be communicated to partner schools directly and are also shown on the website through the link below.

All our events are designed to build your knowledge and capacity to take action and to embed and sustain learning. Improving staff wellbeing in your school is a long-term challenge, and not a quick fix, which is why we are building an ongoing programme with our partners schools.

You can see dates and details of the next training here »

What’s Included

Below you can see a quick summary of what's included should you choose to get involved. To see fuller details, please click here »

A recognised wellbeing survey run for you
Strategy and Planning
Support to make sure wellbeing is part of your school development plan
Training and Events
Training days and events to share expertise and good practice
Resources for Staff
Guides, chat (self-talk) cards, and training materials
Coaching Support
Telephone and e-mail support to help leaders develop and implement their plans
Wellbeing Accelerator
Short cut progress with access to knowledge and expertise
Student Resources
Access to 63 lesson plans and other resources
In School Support
Available at a significant discount

Become a Partner

Benefit from the experience and expertise of Ballyclare High School, Developing Potential and other schools in our partnership to accelerate the wellbeing of your staff and students and build a culture for sustainable high performance.

Headline after headline confirms the challenges we all face.

  • One quarter of Northern Ireland principals facing unmanageable stress
  • Rising mental ill-health for staff and students
  • Workload and working hours simply too great
  • Little work-life balance

I am sure you can add many more to this list. Yet there appears to be little external support for school leaders to tackle these growing concerns.

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About Us

Ballyclare High School have been measuring and improving the wellbeing of their staff and students since 2010. They have developed resources and an approach that have helped them through tough times, maintaining motivation and morale and allowing them to continually meet the many challenges that Northern Ireland Schools face.

Developing Potential have been supporting schools since 1997, developing a long-term and sustainable whole school approach to high performance. Together they have brought the Northern Ireland Wellbeing Academy into life.

You can find out more about this partnership and why we are taking action here »


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